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About TeacherPort | TeacherPort

The goal of TeacherPort is to provide an easy way for teachers to find and apply for suitable overseas teaching positions. Before TeacherPort, finding the right teaching opportunity abroad was a pretty frustrating process. There were too many job boards, too many recruitment agencies, and very little information to be found about the actual employers and the jobs that were available. Teacherport was created to make the process a little more straightforward - taking out all the ‘noise’ and allowing teachers to find and apply for the job they were looking for all along.

On TeacherPort, teachers can search for jobs, follow their favorite employers, create a TeacherPort CV and apply for positions all over the world with one click of a button. We feel that TeacherPort makes searching for your next teaching position abroad a much less stressful and a much more fun process. And that’s what teaching abroad is all about!

If you are interested in exploring opportunities for teaching jobs abroad, then why not join TeacherPort today? Not only is it a pretty helpful tool, but it’s also completely free.

If you are an overseas education employer interested in building your global reputation and gaining exposure to a growing number of international teachers, you can join the TeacherPort network for free through our international teacher recruitment page.

For any questions or comments about our service, please contact us as we would love to hear from you.

The TeacherPort Team

 TeacherPort and are the properties of Anderson Rivers Ltd; an Irish owned and operated company.