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Teaching Abroad CV Advice

Free Teaching Abroad CV Advice:

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The CV is the most important aspect of any teaching abroad job application. Every applicant wants to get through the initial screening process to land an interview with the perfect employer, and it is vital that your CV represents you in a professional way to give you the best chance of securing your interview.

Here at TeacherPort, we see thousands of CVs from teachers and new university graduates who are interested in teaching overseas. Often times we receive applications with simple mistakes or CVs with unorganized information, causing candidates to drop down the interview selection order and to fundamentally miss out on potential job opportunities.

To help teachers and new graduates make sure that their CV ticks all the boxes, we have created 2 simple resources to provide teaching abroad CV advice to educate job seekers about what employers look for on candidate CVs. Best of all, we're sharing these resources for FREE.

TeacherPort Professional CV Service:

If presentation or wording isn’t exactly your thing, don’t worry! We also offer Professional CV Services where we will review and optimize your CV to a professional level within 48 hours for a flat fee of $75.

To get started, just email us at with the subject line ‘Professional CV Services’ and we will be happy to help.