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Beijing Hongjoe Bohua International

Employment Company located in Beijing, China


Beijing Hongjoe Bohua International has its head office in Beijing. We have over 15 years experience placing teachers in quality schools in China. We employ over 150 ESL English teachers in both government and private schools around China. We create our own curriculum and provide the complete curriculum, textbooks and teachers to client schools. You are our employee and NOT the school where you teach.
This year, the 2011-2012 school year, we are experiencing unprecedented growth. We will have all new textbooks later this year complete with DVD sound bites, teacher notes, test and exams, games, songs and movements and personalized training on the new curriculum.
While other recruiters can only offer teaching positions to “NATIVE BORN” English speakers, due to your being OUR employee, the rules change. We are able to hire “HIGHLY QUALIFIED NON-NATIVE BORN ENGLISH SPEAKERS”.
In many cases, not all, Hong Joe is able to obtain Z visas for those who are over 55 years old. You must be well qualified and a native-born English speaker for use to get past the “age” wall!