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Ajial Bilingual School

International School located in Riggae, Kuwait


AJIAL Bilingual School aims to create life-long learners who possess the skills, confidence, and knowledge to meet the challenges of middle school, high school, college and beyond. The school offers bilingual curricula, English and Arabic, which enables students to be competent in both languages. AJIAL roots run deep in the lives of the people that continue to carry on the legacy of its founder, Mr. Ibrahim Madhi Al-Khamis, and in the hearts of the students that enjoy the myriad benefits of this valuable heritage. AJIAL is now celebrating the seven year cycle of its establishment. The concept of AJIAL was born with the idea of providing the kind of loving, caring environment that honors the same values of faith, respect, integrity and unity that any good parent wants for their child. This environment exists at AJIAL and is what makes our school unique. The AJIAL staff work together with the families of their students to raise the next generation of Kuwait’s leaders.