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QingYuan Cambrige Language Training School

EFL Institute located in Qing Yuan, China

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About School
Qing Yuan Cambridge English training School was established in Sept.2002. It was the first authorized Cambridge Young Learners English training school in Qing Yuan. Its purpose is to offer English language courses to people of all ages. We do not only teach English, we also help promote inter-cultural understanding and cooperation between China and the wider world.

We offer a variety of English language training courses including: Conversation classes for children and adults, Business English (BEC), Phonetics and Corporate training course. In addition, the school has established links with the State Education Examination Center and has been granted the privilege to organize the Cambridge Young Learners English (YLE) examinations.
All teachers in our school are well-trained, professional, native English speakers. Teaching quality is a high priority and is regularly monitored and evaluated. All students are asked to evaluate their courses. They also have the option to take part in the national YLE examination where they will receive the international certificate issued by both the State Education Examination Center and University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate.
Our School’s facilities occupy more than 600 square meters. The school itself has a bright, fresh, modern atmosphere, attractive décor, high-tech classrooms complete with stereo, video, computer and air conditioning.
Our School has long enjoyed an excellent reputation for the high quality of its English language training. Its goal is to become a first class school with a reputation for quality and excellence in its English language training.

About Qing Yuan
Qing Yuan located in the northwest of Guangdong Province, is a beautiful city on the Beijiang River. It is an ancient city with a history of over two thousand years, and it is the largest municipality in Guangdong province. The total area of the city covers 19,000 square kilometers. It has a population of 3.8 million that includes over 300,000 overseas Chinese and compatriots from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. There are also 150,000 people from minority nationalities.
Qing Yuan has very good transport facilities and a developed communication network. The city is only 60 kilometers from Guangzhou. It is only a 30-minute drive from the Huadu International airport in Guangzhou.
Qing Yuan has rich tourism resources. One can find unique scenic mountain views, remarkable gorges, beautiful beaches, lovely lakes, mysterious caves, hidden streams, amazing fountains, picturesque waterfalls, primeval forest, ancient temples, historic passes, and folk cultures of the Yao nationality. The beautiful scenery and historical sites have made Qing Yuan one of the three top hot spots in Guangdong province for tourists. And it’s reputed as the Backyard Garden of the Pearl River Delta.

Teachers Prospective:
Qing Yuan is a lovely modern yet small city close to nature, with ease of access to outdoor activities whilst maintaining city life; it is clean and friendly with many things to do and with easy access the larger surrounding cities such as Guang Zhou, Shen Zhen, Hong Kong and Macau.
Experience the unique blend of old and new as you move around the city.
Soak up the atmosphere at one of the many markets you will find along the way.
For the adventurists, organise or join a paintball game, go rock climbing, or have fun rafting at one of the many locations.
Enjoy nature’s beauty with a pleasurable hike up one of the close-by Mountains.
Take a boat cruise up the tranquil river and enjoy some local cuisine, then take a short hike to see some secluded temples with magnificent views along the way.
Rejuvenate yourself and enjoy a relaxing day at one of the nearby natural hot springs.
Go swimming at one of the many pools, whether it is at the local pools, the Sofitel resort pools, the many mountain pools, or just in the mountain river.
Take a ride through the mountains or the many villages and smaller towns to soak up some local culture and fill the photo album with the abundance of photo opportunities along the way.
Take a pleasurable walk through one of the many gardens or relax and enjoy a book.
Living moments from each other, you can just join in with the other teachers for a BBQ, dinner outings or even movie night.