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English First Central Jakarta

EFL Institute located in Jakarta, Indonesia


English First Central Jakarta is a well-established language school located in the heart of Indonesia’s capital city - Jakarta.

English First Central Jakarta offers a wide range of courses, including General English, Business English, Small Stars (3-6 years), Children’s courses (6~14 years of age), TOEFL Preparation, IELTS Preparation, GMAT Preparation, Conversation, In-House Corporate Training and one-to-one tutoring.

Our school is fully equipped with computer lab, IWB, video equipment and constantly updated supplementary material. Of course, our greatest resource is our supportive, dedicated teaching staff.

Being located in the central business district of Jakarta has its advantages (other than a consistent supply of business students!). English First Central Jakarta is also situated near Western-style shopping centers, restaurants serving cuisine from around the world, cinemas showing the latest movies in English, cafes and bars.

Jakarta offers all the conveniences of a large city while providing an excellent jumping- off point for travel to the tropical paradise that surrounds it.

If you want an adventure and are looking to work in a place which has a foreign culture but where you can enjoy western comforts....

Come to Jakarta!