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International House Madrid

EFL Institute located in Madrid, Spain


Founded in 1981, International House Madrid is a founder member of organisations who montitor and gartantee quality in language teaching, for example ACADE, ASEPROCE, ACEDIM, FECEI, ELITE, IATEFL, FEDELE... etc.

International House has been in Madrid for over 30 years; having trained more than 320,000 students we currently have 6 centres employing more than 300 teachers. We are also currently planning an expansion programme, which will see a total of 9 centres in Madrid over the next few years. The locations in central Madrid all have easy access to public transport and students have free access to al large amount of teaching resources which include:

- Consultation and loan of books, dvd's and cd-roms
multimedia rooms
- Equipment and multimedia learning programs
- Cafes
- Social places
- Cafes
- Language exchanges
- Preferential access to a wide variety of additional optional programs

International House Madrid only employs native speakers or those educated & trained in a native speaking country; all our teachers are fully qualified and experienced and our staff includes specialists in particular teaching fields, leading thinkers and renowned authors.