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British Educational Centre

EFL Institute located in Moscow, Russia

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BEC is one of the most successful systems of private schools all round Russia. Students can study English, French, German, Italian and Chinese here and the success of the Centre is its students and graduates of course.

The history of the Centre started at the end of the last century in a difficult time for Russia. But just that time in February 1995 British Educational Centre opened its classes to the students for the first time and set itself entirely concrete tasks: to attract public attention to the English language, teaching by means of a new communicative approach.

We use communicative, modern methods of teaching that develop both fluency and accuracy in a classroom atmosphere that combines fun and learning. Our teachers create lessons based on high-quality, up-to-date course books, supplementing them with extra materials of their own design or taking them from our wide range of resources.

We place great importance on the careful planning of interesting, motivating lessons that are well-staged with techniques, meaningful contexts and tasks that maximise student involvement.

First and foremost our students learn to communicate in a foreign language. British Educational Centre does not work with only one approach. We teach English in a way that is best described as communicative, teaching students to use the language correctly and naturally. Students learn by using the language rather than being taught about it.

The main emphasis of lessons is speaking and listening skills and vocabulary building. We use only English in the classroom and work only with English textbooks. British Educational Centre believes a language can be taught, including grammar, by using an English only method in the lesson. All our students We have taught so far using the “ENGLISH ONLY METHOD” have been very happy and satisfied and have agreed that they’ve learned much more in a short period of time.. Students work together some of the time in pairs or groups and use English in real-life situations.