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Wall Street Institute of Indonesia

EFL Institute located in Jakarta, Indonesia

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Who Wall Street Institute is both globally and locally:

Wall Street Institute is one of the world’s most successful private English language schools and currently operates in 28 countries with over 400 centers.

The first WSI in Indonesia opened in February 2007, in the heart of the capital city Jakarta, and is strategically located in a popular shopping district. The school’s design is one built on the principals of elegance and innovation, intent on redefining the way Indonesians think about English schools. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th schools followed rapidly at a rate of one per year, covering all parts of the city. With just 4.5 years in business in Jakarta, WSI’s success has been phenomenal – now over 8,000 students.

WSI’s students are in their late teens, twenties or thirties, and are a blend of university students, office workers, high school students and housewives. They are generally well-read and well-traveled, making them great conversationalists. The centers have a truly international feel with students from more than a dozen countries.

Note that the Wall Street Institute is a Pearson-owned company, with Pearson being the largest and most successful education company in the world. In addition, WSI Indonesia is an ISO quality certified company and in addition, has won 3 global awards for giving the best service out of 28 WSI countries worldwide. When we say we are the best – we mean it.

How we teach:

A summary of our core method is that students work in a multi-media lab called The Speaking Center, surrounded and supported by Personal Tutors. The objective is for the student to improve their listening, speaking, pronunciation, intonation, grammar, vocabulary and reading skills while building fluency and confidence. Following this, they apply what they learned in The Speaking Center to their Student Manual where they do their writing and self-graded exercises – again, under the supervision of the Personal Tutors. Finally, they meet the teacher to have a 1 hour class where they use all their new target language and grammar in a conversational setting.

Outside of this core, the students are able to use our online facility, join any of our additional classes which are based on fun and building confidence and fluency, meet the teachers in the Social Club Area or just hang out with other students: eating, playing games, doing homework or chatting – all in the Total English Environment.

A special note for those thinking of coming to Indonesia: It’s a country made up of 17,000 islands and has something for any person looking for a new adventure. With hundreds of volcanoes, large jungles, enough beaches to explore for a lifetime, the best diving in the world and people of incredible generosity and kindness - it’s the place to be. In addition, you can visit orangutan sanctuaries, raft rivers, go hang gliding, climb mountains, swim with dolphins, scramble over centuries-old temples, visit Komodo dragon island, go caving, visit bull races, surf incredible waves, get your scuba diving license and more! For others you can take batik courses, sample foods from the entire archipelago, learn more about Islam, pick up a new instrument, check out the old Dutch heritage and take leisurely strolls through tea plantations and spice gardens

In terms of Jakarta, it’s one of the cheapest as well as safest places to live in Asia. There is an abundance of exotic fresh fruit at every market, year-round. Thai, Japanese, Korean and of course Indonesian dishes are easily found. If you like to be pampered there are well-priced spa treatments, luxury hotels and movie theaters with beds while for party-goers some of the best nightlife in Asia is in Jakarta and big name concerts regularly pass through. There are international fast food joints for those who need a fix while if you want to stay in shape, there are dozens of international gyms around the city.

It’s all very affordable. It’s absolutely safe. It’s truly incredible. Imagine - It’s Indonesia.

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