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Aihua English

EFL Institute located in Beijing, China

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At Aihua English, Beijing, we teach children between the ages of 3 and 12. Our programs run after school hours: late afternoons and early evenings on weekdays, and weekends. Our teachers have warm relations with the students, but we are professionals, and we do our jobs with dignity. As educators, we focus on the learning results of our students. For this reason, we are respected, and we can respect ourselves.

Aihua’s wage package is at the higher end of average. It is better than most, but not as good as some. There are good reasons, however, to choose a position at Aihua over a position offering a better pay package.

• We always deal fairly with teachers, and never swindle them: we do what we say we will do. We recognize that our reputation for fair dealing is our most important resource. Above all we value the honor and the good name of our school.

• The highest levels of management are assessable to teachers, and open to discussion and suggestion. If you feel that something we are doing is not right, we want to hear about it, and we will do our best to fix any problems.

• We have a friendly, fun and professional working environment. We typically have 20 foreign teachers, and 70 Chinese members of staff working with us.

• We provide complete support to our foreign teachers in all aspects of life and teaching.

• We run a set curriculum, and our terms are fixed. A teacher receives a timetable at the beginning of the term, and this remains constant throughout the term. The teacher will have the teachers’ book, and the students will have the students’ book. A clear course plan detailing the speed of teaching will be presented to the teacher.