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Teach In China

Teach In China – Overview

Over the past decade, China has become one of the top destinations for teachers seeking a new teaching experience abroad. The need to educate a growing number of Chinese youths and young adults has lead to a boom in both public and private education providers in recent years. As the education market develops, so too does the quality of teaching positions available to those interested in the opportunity to teach in China.

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There are many reasons why teachers are drawn to teach in China: Exposure to the Chinese culture, an opportunity to learn the language, low living costs and easy access to travel to other Asian countries are among the most common. Due to the size of the country and the differing aspects of the main cities, the experience one teacher might have in one location will be completely different to what another teacher will encounter elsewhere in the country.

The types of teaching opportunities available vary too: From early stage English language teaching to university lecturing or teaching high school maths, China offers a multitude of opportunities for the adventurous teacher. International schoolteachers will find that Beijing and Shanghai are home to the most attractive employment packages, whereas ESL teachers can find jobs throughout the country. Private language schools and government run universities are constantly seeking qualified and experienced ESL teachers to join their staff.

Although China is not known for high paying teacher salaries, there are still a number of international schools and reputable ESL employers who offer attractive packages. Keep in mind that even though cost of living is very low (particularly outside the main cities), the main reason teachers choose to teach in China is to experience the culture and lifestyle and witness a country at a very unique point in its development.

Opportunities For Teachers:

New University Graduates:

  • Availability Of Jobs: Medium
  • Packages To Expect:

    Packages vary greatly depending on location and the finances available to the employer. Salary can be expected between 5,000RMB to 10,000RMB ($780 to $1,500) per month, housing allowance or housing provided, partial medical coverage, return flights to home country provided at end of contract depending on the employer.

  • Minimum Requirements:

    Most employers will require BA + TEFL for ESL teaching and B.Ed or BA & teaching cert for international schools. There is a strong preference for teachers with a minimum of 2 years teaching experience but it is not impossible to find employment without this experience.

Experienced ESL Teachers:

  • Availability Of Jobs: Medium to High
  • Packages To Expect:

    Established language schools, private language schools, ESL centers and universities all have needs for qualified and experienced ESL teachers. Packages vary greatly so it’s advised to be patient with your job search. Depending on your teaching experience and education, you can expect between 10,000RMB – 18,000RMB ($1,500 to $2,900) per month, accommodation allowance, return flights, partial medical.

  • Minimum Requirements:

    BA + TEFL/CELTA/DELTA. 2 years teaching experience.

International School Teachers:

  • Availability Of Jobs: Medium
  • Packages To Expect:

    Huge variety in quality of ‘International Schools’ in China. Many new schools are private national schools labelled as International Schools and the quality between these schools can vary greatly. The better packages, but higher cost of living, can be found in the main cities. Depending the school and the teacher’s experience and education, teachers can expect a salary between 10,000RMB to 20,000RMB ($1,500 to $3,200) per month, housing provided, medical provided, minimum 1 return flight per year.

  • Minimum Requirements:

    BA + Teaching Certificate as well as a minimum of 2 years experience is required at major international schools. Some schools will accept a BA in your teaching subject, followed by a couple of years experience.

    *1 USD = 6.36 RMB

Popular Locations:

The popular locations to teach in China are:

Beijing – Shanghai – Shenzhen – Guangzhou - Jilin Province

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