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Teach In Oman

Teach In Oman – Overview

Oman is arguably the most overlooked country in the Middle East for those interested in teaching abroad. Located on the southeast corner of the Arabian Peninsula, Oman is a culturally rich country that offers a unique Middle Eastern teaching experience; striking a balance between the more expensive and internationally geared UAE and the more reserved lifestyle offered in Saudi Arabia.
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Those who have decided to teach in Oman have found the Omani people to be extremely hospitable and their culture to be very open and accepting of foreigners. The role of a teacher in their society is held in high regard so teachers can expect a good deal of respect and good behaviour in the classroom and in the workplace.

With a long and beautiful coastline, Oman would suit teachers who enjoy the ocean, but there is also the option for camping and desert trekking away from the water. Muscat, the capital, has a solid expat community but many of the other cities are still developing and can feel slightly more isolated than the capital. The salaries in Oman are quite competitive and the cost of living is quite low (especially outside of Muscat), so the ability to save money is another reason to teach in Oman.

There is a strong demand in Oman for qualified English language teachers at English language centers and government run universities. In addition to language centers, there is a growing number of international schools and private schools that seek qualified teachers to teach primary school up through to the high school level. Due to visa requirements and the teacher recruiting cycles, teachers are advised to commit to an employment contract with a reputable employer prior to arriving in Oman.

Opportunities For Teachers:

New University Graduates:

  • Availability Of Jobs: Very few
  • Packages To Expect:

    See Experienced ESL Teachers section below.

  • Minimum Requirements:

    Unless you hold a Master Education, MA TESOL, MA Linguistics, it may be difficult to secure employment as a teacher with less than 1 year teaching experience. If you are a newly qualified schoolteacher, you may be able to secure a teaching position with a newly established international school seeking to build a staff of expat teachers.

Experienced ESL Teachers:

  • Availability Of Jobs: Medium to High
  • Packages To Expect:

    Salary between $2,300 - $4,000 depending on experience and education. Housing provided. Medical insurance provided. Minimum 1 return flight per year to your home country.

  • Minimum Requirements:

    BA degree and TESOL/CELTA/DELTA certificate plus a minimum of 2 years experience. BA English is becoming a preferred degree. Teachers with MA degrees can get higher paying university positions.

International School Teachers:

  • Availability Of Jobs: Low to Medium
  • Packages To Expect:

    Limited number of jobs for international schoolteachers although the demand is increasing with the rise of both international schools and private national schools. Salary between $2,100 - $3,500 depending on the teacher’s experience & education as well as the quality of the school. Housing provided (or housing allowance provided). Medical insurance provided. Minimum 1 return flight per year to your home country.

  • Minimum Requirements:

    B.Ed or BA plus teaching certificate/teaching diploma. Minimum 2 years teaching experience but some new schools may hire teachers with less experience.

Popular Locations:

The popular locations to teach in Oman are:

Muscat - Sur - Salalah - Sohar - Nizwa

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