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Teach In South Korea

Teach In South Korea – Overview

For many overseas educators, the beginning of their international teaching career all started with accepting a first teaching position to teach in South Korea. To this day, South Korea remains one of the most popular international destinations for teachers interested in teaching abroad. For both new graduates looking for their first overseas teaching position and experienced teachers interested in a new challenge, South Korea offers a range of teaching opportunities to suit teachers of any level.

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South Korea remains an attractive location to teach abroad as a result of its friendly culture, dynamic cities and picturesque countryside, as well as good salary levels and an enjoyable lifestyle. Another great reason to teach in South Korea is the low cost of living that allows many teachers to save money while still enjoying what the country has to offer.

As a travel hub, South Korea is a great location for visiting other Asian countries during school breaks or contract gaps. Teaching hours can be demanding but, with a vibrant expat community found across the country, the social aspect of teaching in South Korea can make the adjustment from western culture a little easier.

English language teachers are in high demand in South Korea in Hagwons (language schools), public schools (EPIK Program) and at the university level. International schools can be found throughout South Korea although the most attractive employment packages tend to be in the main cities. The demand for international schoolteachers is not as great as in other Asian countries and competition for finding a job at these schools is quite high.

As with any overseas teaching opportunity, it is recommended that you do background research on your potential employers, particularly at the Hagwon level, as the quality of employer and teaching opportunity on offer can vary greatly.

Opportunities For Teachers:

New University Graduates:

  • Availability Of Jobs: Very High
  • Packages To Expect:

    Jobs are available through the EPIK program at Korean public schools or at Hagwons (language schools). Salary between 1.8M KRW to 2.3M KRW ($1,500 to $2,000), housing provided, medical provided, return flights (usually provided but depends on employer).

  • Minimum Requirements:

    BA degree.

Experienced ESL Teachers:

  • Availability Of Jobs: High
  • Packages To Expect:

    Salary between 2.1M KRW to 3.3M KRW ($1,800 to $2,900) depending on type of employer (university, Hagwon, private school), medical provided, housing provided, return flights provided (usually).

  • Minimum Requirements:

    BA + TEFL/CELTA/DELTA. 2 years teaching experience. For university positions a MA is required - preferably MA TESOL, MA Linguistics, MA (English related).

International School Teachers:

  • Availability Of Jobs: Low
  • Packages To Expect:

    Opportunities are limited to accredited American, Australian and British international schools, which are mostly located within the major cities. Not a huge turnover of staff at these schools but opportunities do arise. Expected between 1.8M KRW to 2.8M KRW($1,500 to $2,500) and higher at some top tier schools, relocation allowance, housing provided, medical provided, yearly return flights provided.

  • Minimum Requirements:

    BA + Teaching Certificate/Teaching Diploma. Minimum 1 year teaching experience.

    * 1 USD = 1,152 KRW

Popular Locations:

The popular locations to teach in South Korea are:

Seoul – Busan - Daegu - Incheon

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