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Teach In Thailand

Teach In Thailand – Overview

Thailand remains a popular teaching abroad destination for experienced ESL teachers, international schoolteachers and new university graduates alike. Known more as a destination for teachers early in their careers, there are a still a number of reasons why people choose to teach in Thailand.

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Thailand, also called the Land of Smiles, is known for its friendly people, gorgeous beaches, active nightlife in main cities, and laid back lifestyle. There is a strong demand for ESL teachers in Thailand and there is also a good standard of international schools that hire schoolteachers for various subjects each year.

ESL teachers can find employment with government schools, private language centers, and, to a limited extent, universities. However, just as is the case in many other countries, there is a huge variety in the quality of teaching opportunities available to those looking to teach in Thailand. Many ESL employers will do their hiring locally, meaning they will hire ESL teachers who are already based in the country, so teachers are encouraged to visit their potential employer before committing to a contract.

By contrast, many of the reputable international schools in Thailand will do their hiring exclusively overseas. It is still possible to find a job at an international school or private school if you are already located in Thailand, but the preference for many schools is to recruit from abroad.

The majority of the teaching jobs available in Thailand will be geared more towards ESL teachers in the early stages of their teaching career. However, if you are an experienced ESL teacher or a qualified and experienced schoolteacher, there are still suitable opportunities available as long as you are patient with your search.

Opportunities For Teachers:

New University Graduates:

  • Availability Of Jobs: High
  • Packages To Expect:

    There is a high volume of ESL teaching positions available for new university graduates. If you possess a BA and TEFL/CELTA certificate, you can be sure to find a suitable teaching job. Salaries vary depending on location (city or rural) and the quality of the employer but you can expect between 25,000 THB – 35,000 THB ($780 to $1,100) per month, medical insurance not normally provided, accommodation most likely not provided, and no return flights to your home country.

  • Minimum Requirements:

    BA + TEFL is highly recommended.

Experienced ESL Teachers:

  • Availability Of Jobs: Medium to High
  • Packages To Expect:

    Established language schools and private education providers have a need for qualified ESL teachers in Thailand. Packages vary depending on your education and teaching experience as well as the quality of the employer. Average salaries between 30,000 THB to 45,000 THB ($1,000 to $1,400) per month (more experienced teachers can earn 40,000 - 70,000 THB +). Accommodation is sometimes offered, medical insurance is provided or partially provided, and some employers may offer a return flight (although this is not common). Salaries will be higher in Bangkok compared to other cities.

  • Minimum Requirements:

    BA + TEFL/CELTA/DELTA. 2 years teaching experience.

International School Teachers:

  • Availability Of Jobs: Medium
  • Packages To Expect:

    The quality of international schools and the packages that they offer vary even within major cities. The main British and American international schools in Bangkok are known to be competitive for places and have better salaries and packages than some newer international and private schools in Bangkok and other parts of the country. Teachers can expect salaries between 70,000 THB to 120,000 THB ($2,200 to $3,800) per month depending on the school and the location. Many schools provide accommodation and medical benefits, but most schools do not provide return flights to home countries for their teachers.

  • Minimum Requirements:

    BA + Teaching Certificate/PGCE or B.Ed. Some schools will higher inexperienced teachers as long as they have the education background, but most schools will look for 2 years teaching experience.

    * 1 USD = 31.8 THB

Popular Locations:

The popular locations to teach in Thailand are:

Bangkok - Chang Mai – Khon Kaen – Surat Thani - Phuket

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