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Teach In The UAE

Teach In The UAE – Overview

The UAE has gone through a massive transformation in the past 20 years with cities such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi becoming major international hubs in the region. As a result of the influx of international business and the investment efforts of the ministry of education, there is a large and growing interest from teachers around the world who want to teach in the UAE.

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Many teachers choose to teach in the UAE as a result of the warm climate, strong expat communities, good quality of life and exposure to Middle Eastern culture. The UAE also offers the opportunity to work at some excellent schools with already established expat staff and a relatively easy relocation process. Outside of the classroom, teachers have an abundance of options for entertainment and leisure and it is recognized that the UAE offers the most ‘western compatible’ lifestyle in the Middle East.

There is a strong presence of English language education providers in the UAE and with on going investment in international schools and national schools, there is an increasing need for qualified teachers at the primary and secondary school level. The quality of teaching jobs available varies depending on the specific employer, but most packages will include return flights, accommodation, and medical benefits.

The cost of living in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is significantly higher than in other areas of the country, so it is important to keep this in mind when reviewing potential job offers from employers in the UAE.

Opportunities For Teachers:

New University Graduates:

  • Availability Of Jobs: Medium
  • Packages To Expect:

    There are teaching jobs available for newly qualified teachers but only with international and national schools and not with ESL employers as they tend to hire experienced ESL teachers. Newly qualified teachers can expect packages to include a salary between 7,000AED to 11,000AED ($2,000 to $3,000) per month, accommodation provided, medical benefits provided and a minimum of 1 return flight to their home country per year.

  • Minimum Requirements:

    BA degree & Teaching Certificate/Teaching Diploma.

Experienced ESL Teachers:

  • Availability Of Jobs: Medium to High
  • Packages To Expect:

    Universities, private language schools, and company training facilities offer the most attractive positions for experienced ESL teachers. Expected salaries between 9,000AED to 15,000AED ($2,500 to $4,000) per month, accommodation provided, medical insurance, and a minimum of 1 return flight per year to your home country.

  • Minimum Requirements:

    BA + TEFL/CELTA/DELTA. 2 years teaching experience. For university ESL positions, teachers should have a minimum 5 years experience plus an MA degree related to ESL teaching.

International School Teachers:

  • Availability Of Jobs: High
  • Packages To Expect:

    Schoolteachers can find opportunities with both international schools and national schools in the UAE. Established international schools normally offer higher salaries but are also located in areas of a higher cost of living. Teachers can expect salaries between 8,000AED (entry level) to 18,000AED ($2,200 to $4,500) per month. Benefits include accommodation, medical insurance and a minimum of 1 return flight per year.

  • Minimum Requirements:

    BA + Teaching Certificate/Teaching Diploma. More selective international schools will seek candidates with 3 years teaching experience. Newly certified teachers can apply for positions in the UAE as soon as they receive their qualification.

    *1 USD = 3.67 AED

Popular Locations:

The popular locations to teach in the UAE are:

Dubai – Abu Dhabi – Sharjah – Al Ain

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