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TEFL Courses: Choosing The Best TEFL Course For You

With the large number of TEFL courses that are available nowadays, it can be difficult to figure out what your best TEFL course choice might be. The decision mainly comes down to how serious you are about pursuing a career teaching English, as TEFL courses vary in their intensiveness of time and subject focus.

To assist you in figuring out what might be the best TEFL course for you, TeacherPort highlights a number of the more popular TEFL courses currently available for those who want to teach English abroad:

   -    -    -    -     ENTRY LEVEL TEFL COURSES     -    -    -    -  

 These TEFL courses are suitable for those who are:
- Looking for a basic knowledge foundation to allow them to be comfortable in their first TEFL job abroad.
- Want to see if teaching English is for them, without investing too much time and money.
- Interested in taking a TEFL course to ensure that there will be job opportunities open to them when they decide to teach abroad.

i-To-i TEFL  i to i TEFL
Where? Online, Europe, North America, Australia, South Africa, Hong Kong
Time Requirement
: 140 Hours (recommended), 120 Hours, 60 Hours
: €139.00 up to 349.00 EUR    View i-To-i TEFL Courses   
*Recommended option for those who want a quick certification and subject understanding to qualify them for TEFL jobs abroad.

TEFLEngland TEFLEngland
? Online, UK & Ireland
Time Requirement
: 150/140 Hours (recommended), 120 Hours, 60 Hours
: Up to £399.00 GBP  View TEFL England

American TESOL   American TESOL
: North America, Online & In-class at select US locations.
Time Requirement
: 80 Hours or 200 Hours online.
: Online between $295 - $595  View American TESOL
         Online/in-class hybrid between $695 – $995

Oxford Seminars Oxford Seminars
North America. Over 100 locations in USA & Canada
Time requirement
: 1 week in class training & teaching evaluation
: $1195       View Oxford Seminars

   -    -    -    -     MORE INTENSIVE TEFL COURSES     -    -    -    -

These TEFL courses are suitable for those who:
- Want to get the best foundation and preparation in becoming an English Language Teacher.
- Are committed to being a professional English Language teacher and can see themselves pursuing a career in the field.
- Want to be eligible for employment with most reputable international education employers.

Trinity CertTESOL Trinity CertTESOL
Large number of centres in UK & worldwide.
Training centre locations can be downloaded on the Trinty website.
Time Requirement
: 4 weeks (full time) Part time also available.
: Varies on location (1,000 EUR +) Trinity CertTESOL

Oxford TEFL Oxford TEFL
(Trinity CertTESOL providers)
? Barcelona, Prague, Kerala, London, Cadiz
Time Requirement
: 4 week (full time) Part time also available.
: Between 840 GBP – 1,400 EUR   Oxford TEFL Courses

Cambridge English CELTA CELTA
? Over 300 locations worldwide. Online also provided.
CELTA training locations can be found on the CELTA website.
Time Requirement
: 4-5 weeks full time. Part time available.
: Varies on location (1,000 EUR +) Cambridge CELTA

International TEFL Academy International TEFL
? World-wide locations
Locations can be viewed on the TEFL Academy website.
Time Requirement
: 4 weeks (full time)
: Apprx $1,750 USD   International TEFL Academy

There are additional qualifications and higher education degrees that can be obtained to further your TEFL teaching career and subject knowledge, but this resource is aimed to help those who are taking their first step in getting qualifications to teach English.

We hope you found our TEFL courses resource to be helpful in making your decision about the best TEFL course for you! Don’t forget to check out our teaching jobs abroad once you earn your qualification. Good luck!

*Resource last updated in 2013